Impact Sales & Industrial Supplies Ltd.
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     Downstream Equipment


PTO Bag Machines

Bag Folders & Sepatarors

Turret Winders

Surface Winders

Budget Winders

Surface Unwinds

Shaft Unwinds

Rotary Cutters

Slit Sealers

Custom Projects


Made in Canada

Wicket Wires & Washers


              1" to 12" width are stock sizes


             Special sizes are made to spec.


               Mild Steel or Galvanized


                  Plain end or Ball End


                  Red Rubber Washers





             Lawn Sign Wires


               96", 102" stock lengths


          Step Frames or "H" Frames


      Parts Room



Wicket Punches

Saw Tooth Vent Hole Punches

Ball & Die Continuous Punches

Saw Tooth Handle Cut Blades

Hanger Hole Blades

Zero Clearance Punches

Hot Die Shaped Punches

Cylinders, Blo Thru' & Continuous



All our parts are North American made

       Roller Sealers


Single Header Sealer

Double Heat Header Sealer

Split Frame Multi Head

Split Frame Heavy Duty

Rotary With Conveyor

Impulse Type Bench Top

Impulse Type Foot Operated


Roller Sealers Made In Canada

Pin Needle Micro-Perforator


Hot Needle motor driven

Cold Needle Web Driven

Custom Patterns

Available Over 2 Meters Wide


Made in The United Kingdom