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                                       COMPANY HISTORY





Impact Sales was created in the mid nineteen sixties and registered as a wholesale company in 1969 after the original board of directors had fulfilled their obligations with Union Carbide following the sale of their company, the Polyethylene Bag Co. to Union Carbide.


Polyethylene Bag Co. was a vibrant, innovative company  founded in Winnipeg Manitoba, that opened manufacturing plants in every major city across Canada. They had pioneered the plastic bag industry and with their development of the green garbage bag, (still on the top 50 list for Canadian inventions), they became much too attractive for the giant Union Carbide to resist a buyout proposal. Under the ownership of corporate Carbide, the Polyethylene Bag Co., became a division manufacturing the consumer brand garbage bag known today as GLAD.


Leaving these young entrepreneur's loose in the midst of the booming industrial age led to the beginnings of more than one new company, and Impact Sales was amongst them. With experience and expertise under their belts in a relatively young new industry, they were in a position to be the link between the early converters and the few scattered equipment manufacturers available. As the industry grew, and new bag ideas grew with it, Impact Sales became a major hands on developer, and supplier of the equipment used today. We still play a key role in the constant improvement of the variety of items to be found on our product page.


Representing various machine manufacturers worldwide we  pride ourselves with being able to offer parts, equipment, and solutions, to the flexible packaging and converting industry.