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Wicket Wires



Mild steel stock sizes are usually available off the floor in one inch increments from 1" wide to 12" wide and are produced on a regular rotating schedule. Odd, in-between or large sizes and requests are dealt with as required and delivery is usually within 24 hours depending on quantity. Galvanized wire, ball ends and plastic spools also available upon request.


Red Rubber Washers


We have supplied our red rubber washers to the industry for over 35 years now. There is no danger of the carcinogenic "carbon black" or its residue found in "recycled black crumb rubber" contaminating the product that goes into the box with your bags. If the FDA and Health Canada frown on black rubber, so do we.


Lawn Sign Wires


We stock mild and galvanized steel in a 3/16" diameter (.177) rod in lengths of 96" or 108". We provide it either bent to size or in straight lengths. Custom lengths can be produced, but lead times will increase.