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                     Model ST-162 & 164 Header Sealer


Our personal baby we developed almost 40 years ago is still the standard copied by many today. Produces clean seals in the web direction, available with longer sealing sections for heavy mil multi-layer applications and has an optional 3rd center belt that can be used to separate layers. Endless teflon bands, 120vac, 80 psi, internal solenoid valve and linkage, floor stand, low maintenance, plug it in and go. Just flip it in the stand to reverse it.

                       Model STDT Double Tongue Sealer


Some converters prefer our four belt version of the header sealer for production of fold over top boutique bags after the centerfold is done, eliminating the need for two sealers. The tongues are inserted into the web separating the layers while the fold overs are sealed one above the other.




                      Model ST-170 & 180 Split Frame


Split frame units can be run vertical or horizontal. Seal heads are adjustable across the web. The ST 170 is a popular unit for sealing fold over tops before the web has been center-folded or for sealing compartment layers to sheeting for courier packs etc..























The ST 180 is our heavy duty model that has larger sealing/cooling bars and extended sealing sections which can be added in 6" increments giving much more dwell at lower temps. This is our 'go to" unit for the toughest projects. This unit can be made with the split frame design or on a cantilevered stand as primarily used to seal the metal tacking band into the tops of fiberglass insulation rolls, or heavy mil re-enforced header bags.