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    BPM Engineering cold, hot and intermittent Micro-Perforators





BPM Engineering are committed to both quality and service. Throughout construction, all of their perforators are checked and rigorously tested by an experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers to withstand the demands of 24-7 performance. These machines are known worldwide for years of trouble free continuous operation.






                            COLD NEEDLE PERFORATOR


Our cold perforators have easily interchangeable pin segments, which come in a variety of patterns, such as square, diamond, spiral and customer specific designs. These units have a pneumatic open close design, are fully guarded and of robust construction. They are fully enclosed and web driven for the perforation of a variety of material such as, polyethylene, P.V.C., paper and other suitable materials. It is ideal for single wound, lay flat or gusseted tubing up to a working width of 6 meters.














                             HOT NEEDLE PERFORATOR



The hot needle perforators have solid state heater controls with both internally and externally heated pin rollers. The temperature control works in tandem with a timer for advance warm up and also a cool down cycle. The pin roller is internally driven to match web speed and incorporates a micro trim pot to fine tune the speed for hole shape. Each unit is fully guarded and has interlocks with emergency stop, heat shield for stopped web protection, remote station to stop and start production and pin segments that are easily interchangeable for different patterns. The diameter of the hole can be adjusted with needle depth adjusters moving the film further onto the tapered pin. This unit can easily be mounted on slitters. 
















                               INTERMITTENT PERFORATORS



The P.X. Intermittent perforator is fully enclosed and suitable for the hot perforation of polyethylene, polypropylene, metalized film and most synthetic materials. The features are similar to that of the standard hot unit, but this unit can operate at up to 400 cycles per minute, with production speeds of up to 2 meters per minute. The unit can perforate the holes to a registration mark.