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                                 ROTARY BAG SEALERS



Along with our web sealers we distribute the Steeltek line of conveyor style rotary bag sealers and a line of impulse style bag sealers. This enables us to cover the full range of end user bag sealing needs. Todays demanding market requires custom design and manufacturing to go into the majority of our sealers where we work closly with the customer to meet the necessary need. Steeltek is located close at hand in Central Ontario making it easy to work together on your project.


The sealers are manufactured with precision parts made from quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Carrier, trim and converyor belts are all food grade. Steeltek sealers are in food processing plants world wide and are built to withstand the many harsh work enviroments from the field to the freezer.


We stock all the teflon sealing bands and heaters required.

                                           MODEL ST-80


This is the smallest unit available, used for extremely light packages such as insurance documents etc., and is normally built as a table top unit. It incorporates a digital temperature control and a fixed speed drive. Variable speed drive upon request.


                                           MODEL ST-100


The Model ST-100 unit comes with either a stainless steel floor stand or a table top stand. This unit has carrier belts that will hold products weighing under 3 pounds and it seals the bag closed only. It has a variable speed drive motor and digital temperature control. Bags are fed into the infeed end and once fully into the machine, the operator releases their hold on the bag where the carrier belts transport it through the sealer. Bag counter and date coders are optional.


                                            MODEL ST-200


The Model ST-200 unit is also mounted on a stainless steel floor stand and will support products weighing under 3 pounds. Variable speed drive, food grade belts and digital temperature control are standard equipment. This model also has a bag trim feature which trims the bag .375" above the seal line leaving a clean looking sealed end for retail packaging. Casters, counters and coders are optional.


                                            MODEL ST-225



The Model ST-225 unit has a heavy duty stainless frame and a conveyor to support products weighing over 3 pounds. The conveyor can be mounted at different heights on the floor stand, and the seal head adjusts up or down giving a wide range in the length of the bag. The conveyor is complete with adjustable side support rails and can be built to customer specs to accommodate a variety of bag sizes. The seal head is synchronized to the conveyor and comes in single, double, or triple heat for heavy mil gauges. Also included is a variable speed drive and digital temperature controls. Trim is standard along with food grade belting and casters. Quick set cooling, pinch roller, counter and encoder are optional.


                                              MODEL ST-250


The Model ST-250 versions are mounted on an angled style incline conveyor with an additional adjustable bottom support belt creating an "L" belt configuration. The lower belt is easily adjusted to make changes for bag height. The angle of the conveyor can also be adjusted, complete to lay flat. These sealers are particularly useful in the sealing of products that are difficult to stand on their own, ie: flat breads, rubber gloves and clothing etc.. A compression belt is offered as an option which applies pressure to the product forcing air out of the bag. The unit has the usual standard features, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction, single, double or triple seal and food grade belting together with the variable speed drive and digital temperature controls. Quick set cooling, pinch roller, counter and date coder are optional.





                                   IMPULSE HEAT SEALERS


We carry a complete line of both hand operated table top, and foot operated floor stand impulse sealers from 8" to 24" seal lengths. Impulse sealers differ from constant heat sealers whereby the power consumed is usually less than one second per seal cycle. Otherwise they consume no power when not being used, and take no time to heat up.




The table top units come in 8", 12", 16" and 20" lengths and produce a 1/8" wide seal.





Table top units with bag trimmers come in 8", 12" and 16". These units have a cutting blade built into the arm that the operator slides to cut the excess trim approximately 1/4" from the seal line. This gives the bag a finished look for retail packaging.




The foot operated units mounted on a floor stand are normally used for hard to handle products that require both hands on the product. We stock the double seal version with upper and lower seal elements for heavy gauge materials. Some users will remove the head from the floor stand and mount it facing downward to seal over a roller conveyor. Rigging must be done to achieve this however.